Legzira Beach

Legzira Beach, about 120 kilometers south of Agadir in Morocco is easily one of the most beautiful pieces of real estate in the world. We discovered it about 25 years ago, when we were the only visitors at the beach, no tourists, no hotels, not even a nomadic tent. Driving by on the small road above the ocean, my son, who travelled with me, saw something strange down in the water: an interference pattern created by two sets of waves coming from different directions and intersecting with each other exactly in this amazing spot. We stopped and hiked down the bluff, and instantly fell in love with what we saw. The water had carved a huge gate into the rock, a natural marvel hidden for thousands of years. I returned to Legzira Beach several years later with a group of students, and then again with a music band of my sons. Today the place has five small hotels and up on the bluff they seem to be constructing a big shopping mall, or hotel complex. Oh, well, its still beautiful and we spent a memorable New Years Eve 2010/11 there. My son Michael created a music video that you can see and listen to in youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7h–X5OMkY

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